MaxiMiseR project publications

A Climate for the Future: Assessing EU Member States' Low-Carbon Development Strategies & lessons for Energy Union governance
April 2017

Only eleven EU Member States delivered a 2050 emissions reduction strategy by 2015 as required by EU law - and the strategies that were submitted vary hugely in quality, as show in this report and ranking.


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Survey to Member States on climate policy, long-term planning and ETS - results
January 2017

Member States broadly support long-term climate planning, but they mostly do not think increased EU policy ambition is needed, the MaxiMiseR survey results reveal.

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Smart Cash for the Climate: Maximising ETS revenues from the EU Emissions Trading System
December 2016

EU countries could receive up to €120 billion more for climate action through a strengthened Emissions Trading System (ETS) reform. The report shows the impact meaningful ETS reform can have on auctioning revenues and climate finance.