Join the call for strong 2050 climate strategies!

Businesses, civil society, investors, public authorities and trade unions are joining the call for strong 2050 climate strategies!

They all believe that tackling climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face today. If we do not act urgently and ambitiously, the impacts will be catastrophic.

The Paris Agreement asks all countries to produce ‘long-term low greenhouse gas emission development strategies’. The European Commission has sought to reflect this in its proposal on Energy Union Governance.

Those supporting the joint statement believe that these long-term strategies are an essential part of the EU’s response to the climate change challenge.

They agree that these strategies should provide long term policy certainty for investors. The strategies should guide a cost-effective and just transition to prosperous, carbon neutral economies that provide sustainable business opportunities, good jobs, cleaner air and better health for all. 

The statement calls on the EU and its Member States to ensure that their 2050 strategies are as strong as possible, in a number of ways. Read the full statement.