MaxiMiseR conference "Plan It Right: Fighting Climate Change Through 2050 Strategies"


Just before the MaxiMiseR project ends in June 2018, more than 120 people attended the final conference “Plan It Right: Fighting Climate Change Through 2050 Strategies” on 23 May 2018 in the heart of the European area of Brussels. Key project findings were presented together with three high level panel discussions.


The first panel looked at the current state of climate strategies; where we stand today, and where we have to go to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. While each member state needs to develop its own long-term climate plan, the EU aims to propose a common template as a guideline to streamline member state efforts. One of the key aspects of this panel was agreement that overall a new circular economy model and substantial behaviour change is needed to reach the Paris goals. Watch the whole session

The second panel focussed on best practices in member states. Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic shared their best practices on how to implement strong long-term climate plans. Sweden wants to become the industrialised country on the planet, being completely independent from fossil fuels.  Germany did an extensive stakeholder evaluation hosting conferences where individual citizens could input. Watch the whole session


The third panel discussed how the EU can be a role model for other regions and how the EU long-term plans work in a global context. This is crucial as developing countries want economic growth, but are also aware that their economies need to decarbonise. To narrow this gap, investments are needed and the European Investment Bank highlighted during the session that it invests inside and outside of Europe to help developing countries grow in a sustainable way. Watch the whole session

All video recordings are available on the MaxiMiseR website, including the Q&A’s, as well as the results from the live polling on what the audience was thinking about long-term climate plans.