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This event took place on 9-10:30am CET, Friday 17 March. 

The MaxiMiseR round-table begins. Photo: WWF / Sarah Azau

The MaxiMiseR round-table begins. Photo: WWF / Sarah Azau

This livestreamed round-table from WWF MaxiMiseR brought experts and stakeholders together to analyse the cross-over and compability between long-term low carbon plans and the EU 2030 governance proposal.

Title: Re-writing the Rules - What Low Carbon Development Strategies can teach us about Energy Union governance
Date:  Friday 17th March 2017
Time:  9-10:30am
Speakers: Artur Runge-Metzger - DG Clima, European Commission; Oliver Sartor - L'Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI); Imke Luebbeke - WWF; Michel Raquet (European Greens/Efa) 
Moderator: Tom Brookes, European Climate Foundation.

Forward planning is the backbone of climate action. The Paris Agreement asks all countries to develop long-term climate strategies.

But even before the Paris Agreement, EU countries were required to produce 'Low-Carbon Development Strategies'. They were to submit them to the European Commission by 2015. However, not all of them did so, and the strategies that were handed in vary hugely in ambition, nature and scope.

In the meantime in November 2016, the European Commission produced a proposal on Energy Union governance, which also refers to long-term low carbon plans.

Which EU low-carbon development strategies score best according to the MaxiMiseR project ranking, and why was there so much variation? Why did so many EU countries fail to produce a low-carbon strategy? Are there common threads we can draw between all the long-term climate planning requirements? What is a strong long-term climate plan and what should it contain? How can the EU and others help countries to get there? 


Source: www.maximiser.eu