The External Reference Group's role is to ensure the credibility and robustness of all project outputs. It brings together representatives of Member State governments, business, industry and civil society. 

Members are:

Dr. Camilla Bausch - Director, 
Ecologic Institute



Ana Danila - Policy Officer, DG Climate Action, 
European Commission



Joris Den Blanken, Political Advisor,
European Parliament

Benjamin Denis, Advisor Energy and Climate Change,
European Trade Union Confederation

François Dejean, Climate Change Analyst
European Environment Agency



Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy,
Member of the European Parliament

Adam Guibourge Czetwertynski, Head of Climate Change, 
Poland's Permanent Representation to the EU

Adrian M Joyce - Secretary General, EuroACE  and Campaign Director, 
Renovate Europe


Magdalena Jóźwicka - Project Manager, climate change mitigation,
European Environment Agency



Paul McAleavey - Head of Air and Climate Change,
European Environment Agency

Gilles Morellato - Climate Advisor,
France's Permanent Representation to the EU

Koen Noyens - Manager Climate Change and Environment,

Helen Spence-Jackson - Senior Programme Manager,
Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership



Oliver Sartor - Research Fellow,
Institut du développement durable et des rélations internationales (IDDRI)



Frédéric Thoma - Energy Attaché,
Luxembourg's Permanent Representation to the EU

Wendel Trio - Director,
Climate Action Network - Europe

Leonardo Zannier - Policy Officer Energy Policy Coordination DG Energy,
European Commission