What was the MaxiMiseR project?

The EU has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, and by 80-95% by 2050. 

EU Member States had to produce ‘Low Carbon Development Strategies’ (LCDS) by 2015, to show how they will cut their emissions long-term.

The Paris Agreement on climate change also requires 2050 low-carbon strategies. In the EU, the relevant legislation - the proposed Energy Union governance regulation - was being negotiated. But the Commission's proposal was not yet up to the job

Ensuring national 2050 climate strategies are ambitious and developed in a transparent way - with the participation of civil society and stakeholders - is key to meeting the EU’s emissions reductions goals. 

Helping make these climate plans as strong as possible - and seeing how they can be financed through the EU Emissions Trading System - was the aim of the MaxiMiseR project.  

What were the main project activities?

The key activities of the MaxiMiseR project were:


  • We have evaluated EU 2050 climate strategies. This is so that  Member States can share knowledge and best practise and improve their own strategies. See our ranking, read our press release, and check out the report based on the 2015 findings.



  • New data became available during 2017. Therefore we did a second round of evaluation. 13 instead of 11 EU countries had submitted by then a LCDS, though overall the results improved only slightly. Read our press release and find the updated report here








The MaxiMiseR team worked with stakeholders:






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